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Nutri & Body Clinic by Oasis Med 1

At Nutri & Body Clinic, we combat cellulite and localized fat swiftly, painlessly, and effectively with personalized treatment protocols and the latest in medical technology.

Cutting-edge and innovative equipment 


Nutri & Body Clinic by Oasis Med 2


EM TONE - BTL: Triple Action Against Cellulite, Localized Fat, and Skin Laxity

For triple action against cellulite, localized fat, and restoration of skin laxity.

✔  Guaranteed skin tightening
✔  Lipolysis
✔  Production and reconstruction of elastin and collagen
✔  Improvement of blood flow
✔  Smoothing and restoration of skin uniformity
✔  Αdvanced cellulite treatment

Price per Session: 180 Euro



Nutri & Body Clinic by Oasis Med 3


EM SCULPT - BTL: The Most Advanced and Revolutionary Method of Passive Exercise Worldwide

The most advanced and revolutionary method of passive exercise worldwide. Inducing 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes, it achieves immediate, visible, and painless results:

✔  Muscle strengthening and toning
✔  Fat burning
✔  Body contouring
✔  Abdominal muscle formation
✔  Buttock lifting
✔  Biceps and triceps training
✔  Quadriceps and calf muscle training

Price per Session: 180 Euro



Nutri & Body Clinic by Oasis Med 4

VANQUISH ME: Pioneering Robotic Lipolysis Method

A groundbreaking method of robotic lipolysis for targeting localized fat, firming, body contouring, and metabolism acceleration.

Focused High-Frequency Radio Waves: High-frequency radio waves deliver focused, non-invasive lipolysis with immediately visible results (up to 1.5 cm per session) on the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Price per Session: 150 Euro


Nutri & Body Clinic by Oasis Med 5


CRYOSAUNA: Revolutionary Cryotherapy for Wellness and Recovery

Cryotherapy for wellness and recovery, metabolism activation, firming, and effective weight loss.

Smart Metabolism Activation: Activate your metabolism smartly and burn 500 to 1500 calories in just 3 minutes with the CRYOSAUNA-WBC method!

This revolutionary treatment involves exposing the body painlessly to temperatures ranging from -120°C to -170°C of dry cold, resulting in:
✔  Metabolism Activation
✔  Combat Cellulite
✔  Effective Weight Reduction
✔  Combat Water Retention
✔  Body Detoxification
✔  Immune System Boost
✔  Chronic Pain Relief
✔  Injury Recovery

Price per Session: 50 Euro



Nutri & Body Clinic by Oasis Med 6

X- WAVE: For impressive results against cellulite, stretch marks, scars, and localized fat.

The XWAVE BTL utilizes advanced acoustic wave technology to break down fat cells and stimulate collagen production, ensuring smoother and firmer skin.

✔ Customized treatments tailored to individual needs, providing targeted solutions for specific problem areas.
✔ Quick and efficient sessions that fit into any busy schedule, with noticeable results after just a few treatments.
✔ Non-invasive and non-surgical, making it a safe choice for those seeking cosmetic improvements without the risks associated with surgery.
✔ No downtime required, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately after the treatment.
✔ Clinically tested and approved by leading health authorities, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy.
✔ Positive feedback from satisfied clients who have experienced significant improvements in their skin texture and appearance.

Price per Session: 75 Euro


Why choose us?

  • Provision of modern and guaranteed effective services
  • State-of-the-art and innovative equipment exclusively available in Crete, at Nutri & Body Clinic
  • By experienced and specialized Doctors
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Impressive and exemplary beauty and care space

Our impressive Results

Nutri & Body Clinic by Oasis Med 7


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Experience the revolutionary body treatments at Nutri & Body Clinic and achieve the sculpted silhouette you've always desired!

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